BRING THE FLAVOURS OF SOUL FOOD into your kitchen with a selection of tradtional and contemporary soul food recipes.

Fire up your BBQ for a cookout and enjoy the flavours of smokey-sweet Ribs, or fire-hot Buffalo Wings, cooled down with a Chicago Blues Dipping Sauce, or cool down with a spoonful of summery Lemon Syllabub or Lemon Icebox Pie.

Fry up some delicious Cajun-style Blackened Fish with Dirty Rice and add some spice.

Bake a mouth-watering Fresh Peach Cobbler, or celebrate Nawlins' Mardi Gras with the carnival colours of purple, yellow and green icing drizzled over Mardi Gras King Cake don't forget to hide a bean inside.

Soulicious is 'soul-fuel'... explore the flavours and ingredients with a mouth-watering collection of soul food recipes.

And learn a little soul food history as well. The history timeline pages and interviews with cooks, help you understand the culture of African American cuisine, and its contribution to American cooking.

Soulicious includes nine recipe sections for vegetables, seafood, chicken, pork, BBQ, salads, sides, drinks and lots of sweet things.

These recipes use a little less sugar, salt, and fat, so you can taste the TRUE FLAVOURS of Nawlins' Gumbo, Southern Greens, Memphis Slaw, Hot Mama's Ribs, Low Country Boil, Crab Cakes, Yam Bake, Fried Green Tomatoes, Memphis Slaw, Red Beans and Rice, Bean Pie, Honey Soul Wafers, Red Velvet Cupcakes, Pink Iced Tea, and Norma J. Barden from Spoonbread Too shares her recipe for Banana Pudding - eat it hot or cold, it's delicious!

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    Fresh Peach Cobbler warm from the oven / Hot Mama's Smokey Sweet BBQ Wings / Oakland Soul Salad / Mardis Gras King Cake / Shot glasses of home-made Blood Orange Schrub...

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